• Donovan "Don" Adkisson

    Donovan "Don" Adkisson has hosted 22 episodes.

    Donovan Adkisson was born and raised in South Georgia. He’s the son of a former farmer and musician turned blue collar father and a sweet mother that was stricken with a debilitating illness when Donovan was young. Growing up in the bible belt of the South, he found he had a desire for computer electronics, even though the opportunities for those fields were few and far between where he lived.

    Donovan’s background is in broadband connectivity, computer networking and general PC support. He spent 13 years in the cable television industry with 10 of those as an executive. He’s been creating and producing podcasts since 2011.

    On most things, Donovan’s leanings are more liberal than not, but he also recognizes that commerce and industry are an important part of all of our lives. He was a Bernie supporter and begrudgingly supported Hillary for no other reason as to oppose Trump. He believes in fairness and balance, that all people should be afforded the same opportunities, no one person or group given more power than another. Marriage equality, women’s rights over their own bodies, education reform which would result in lowering costs to provide better opportunities for the future youth – these are the things that Donovan cares about.

    He’s a secularist, but respects the beliefs of others as long as they do the same and don’t try to impose their beliefs on those that don’t wish them. He believes that all laws should be enacted and based on common sense without any influence from religion or religious organizations. He believes we are a nation of laws, not a nation of religions in regards of governance.

    His show reflects those beliefs and sometimes they come across passionately. Don’t be surprised if when you wind up on his bad side that he calls you an idiot…or worse. But he means well and his passion only serves to indicate how much he cares about the people and the world around him. He can’t stand “political correctness”. Though no where near as funny, he could be considered a “liberal redneck”.

    Donovan still resides in South Georgia with his lovely wife of 27 years and 2 of his 3 kids. His oldest child struck out into the world to find his own calling on the west coast of the United States.

    When Donovan isn’t creating and producing online content, he runs his IT Consulting company, SouthTech Network Solutions, LLC.

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