Eclipse of the Heart (Very Cliché Title)

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Recorded with the accompaniment of a crop duster in the background! :)

So there was an eclipse, the first total solar eclipse in the United States since 1979 (when Donovan was in Elementary School). Donovan found it a bit underwhelming and a little "sickening". Listen to find out what that means. The eclipse celebration did have some positive aspects, such as Bonnie Tyler's song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" making it to #1 on iTunes for the day. Also, some religious zealots were pretty sure the Devil had a hand in the eclipse because, you know, fuck science and all.

Game of Thrones is kicking ass and there's controversy -- but over Jon Snow's height? Yeah...that's a thing.

So much for that unlimited plan you may have with Verizon. They did a bait-n-switch on everyone and are now placing limits on everyone in regards to streaming video quality. Who said we don't need Net Neutrality rules?

Remember when your parents said you were wasting your life away playing video games? Yeah, well, it's a sport now, a very lucrative one.

Periods. Women have them and men run from them. And, apparently, you can be fired for having them. More on this story in the show.

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