Cogito Ergo Sum

About This Episode

Donovan starts off the show by taking a deep dive into consciousness and how creations of our own that also had consciousness would have the same questions as we have: Who are we and why are we here?

Donovan talks about his time in the cable TV industry and how there was a big push by many consumers for a la carte pricing for television channels. It never happened, but he says that we're seeing it now, only in the way of distinct streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access...and soon, Disney. Disney announced they would be pulling their content from Netflix and starting their own streaming service in 2019. Yay, one more streaming service to pay for. How many is that now?

A new study shows that you may remember information better if you learn it and then...drink!

And the guy who is responsible for us using those cryptic and funky passwords for all of our important sites and data? He's really sorry...because he didn't know anything about cybersecurity...or passwords when he wrote the guidelines in 2003. And, whatdaya know, those are the easiest ones to crack! But, again, he's sorry. :)

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