Cats and Cradles

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After listening to a radio talk show host dissect the song "Cat's in the Cradle", Donovan started thinking about his own parenthood and if he had done enough as a father for his kids. It gave him pause.

On the freedom front, Glenn Beck shared a study where 45% of Republicans would be OK to let a judge stop a media outlet if that outlet had "too much opinion". 20% said no. But what about the rest? "I don't know." Well, that's not good enough. America - wake up! China recently outlawed VPN connections in China. Don't let this type of thinking be the first wave of that coming to America.

A full solar eclipse is coming on August 21st. Be there or be square.

Donovan finishes up his 4 part interview series with his friend, Sam Lewis, where Sam talks about D&D.

Have you ever heard of Ghost Radio Stations? They could be a leftover of the Cold War era. Spooky.

Are you single? Well, you're in luck! The World Health Organization says that you, my friend, have a disability. Because, you know, you're single.

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