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Trump comes out swinging this week with tweeting that all transgender people will be banned from serving in the military. But what was the real reason behind this? It wasn't about the military; it was about the border wall. Georgia campuses now have campus-carry of firearms, but it didn't do one student any gun. Thieves stole his wallet...and his gun. HBO's Season 7 of "Game of Thrones" is setting streaming records, again. The 3rd part of my 4 part interview with my friend, Sam Lewis. Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? It still works...sort of. Snopes needs money so they're crowd funding - and fighting off an overzealous partner. Richard Dawkins was invited and then dis-invited to a live discussion at a radio station while the PC police say we can't name our beer or our breweries certain names. And...did you know what a "Bro-Job" was? I didn't. I found out. Hey, I did research - get your mind out of the gutter! :)

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