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"The Activist Mommy" is pissed at Teen Vogue because the magazine attempts to teach her kids something she won't -- sex ed; do you read the EULA or the Terms & Service agreements when installing software, etc.? Most don't and 22,000 people found themselves legally bound to do 1,000 hours of community service; if you've worn contacts before, then listen up -- a woman went in for eye surgery and it was discovered that she had 27 contacts just hanging out in her eye (and she didn't even know it!); we're not quite ready for the robots to take over, especially since they can't seem to stay out of the water; first it was a for-profit company that got a lot of tax breaks, then it was a non-profit ministry so it wouldn't have to pay any taxes, now it's a for-profit company that sold itself to a non-profit to, you guessed it, avoid paying taxes; crypto-currency - don't understand it completely, but someone just got away with $7 million dollars of it and Pat Robertson...oh Pat, you just need to hang it up - he says going to college will turn you trans-gender and start believing in Satan's theories like evolution and global warming.

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