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Do you hate telemarketers? If so, then you're right there with Donovan as he explains his experience with some relentless telemarketers this week that kept wanting to speak with "Barbara". Now they've started something called "ringless voicemail" and the Republicans are all for it! Donovan's recommendation, at least for those calls that actually ring you, is to use a service called Nomorobo. The link is in the show notes below.

Georgia won't allow drivers to put "Covfefe" on their vanity plates and it could turn into a First Amendment issue. Food stamp use plummets in Georgia, but is still higher than it was in 2007.

Internet is a human right according to the United Nations and Municipal Broadband Networks are a good thing according to Donovan, who just happens to have experience with them - he ran one for a number of years. Snapchat has updated their app and added a new feature called "Snap Map" which has some people concerned about privacy. The London Met Police still has 18,000 PCs that are running...Windows XP! Are they upgrading? Yes! But to Windows 8.1, not 10! What's the value of Uber? Well, did you know that all of the fares have been subsidized? Can Uber truly compete?

From Cracked.com, 12 supposed facts of life that are actually propaganda.

The Mandela Effect -- is what we remember about Eli Whitney a product of it?

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