Wind Beneath My Wings

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Air date:  6/22/17

In this episode, Donovan talks about how Trump throws shade at wind energy in the state that is the poster child for wind energy - Iowa, and they ain't havin' none of it.  Hawaii takes a step on the right side of history by attempting basic financial security for all Hawaiians.  Schools continue to crush free thought and speech, but Jimmy Kimmel gave one young graduate the best platform he could have asked for.  5 gross things that a computer tech runs across while working on other peoples' computers.  Oh, Internet -- when you're good, you're good and when you're bad, you're down right scary -- as one Twitch streamer found out when she was thought to be missing at E3.  The Supreme Court has decided that having access to Facebook is a right -- and trademarks can be offensive.  A group in Colorado wants to make it illegal for children under 13 to have smart phones; too much government overreach?  Atari is making a gaming console, again?  Yep and it could be interesting.

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